Monday, August 25, 2008

Walking Tour: Peebles Corner

Walnut Hills

I'm totally crushing on Walnut Hills lately. On Sunday I walked around Peebles Corner a bit. The interesction of Gilbert Avenue and East McMillan Street was named 'Peebles Corner' for the Peebles Grocery, founded by Joseph Peebles and located on the northeast corner. (I have seen one reference to it being located on the southwest corner, but images make me think the northeast corner location is correct.)

The corner is a National Register Historic District.

Paramount Theatre Building (1931) by Architect Edward SchulteHis firm's offices were also located in the building. The theatre section has been demolished.

The former Peebles TheatreYou can see it in the old photo!

Public Comfort Station
Fire Company #16

Cincinnati: A Guide to the Queen City and Its Neighbors
Painter, Sue Ann. Architecture in Cincinnati. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 2006.

Historic photo from Library's Cincinnati Memory Project.


steve-o said...


I've been doing some research too lately on Walnut Hills for a project I'm working on. For instance, I found out that Lane Seminary gave Walnut Hills a college town feel for a few years. And that Yale street in WH is named that because Lyman Beecher, 1st President of Lane Seminary, graduated there.

Keep it coming, Dan.

MichaelPasha said...

My father Merrill Levine Buchert, (1917-1994) was born in Walnut Hills, and sang at the Paramount at Peeble's Corner in the 1930s.
Tyrone Powers was an usher there, and Doris Kappelhoff used to dance there.