Saturday, August 23, 2008

'Public Comfort Station'

Ok, so it was a public bathhouse built c. 1920. Above one door reads "MEN" and the other "WOMEN". Between them is the inscription "PUBLIC COMFORT STATION".

Located at 793 E. McMillan Avenue, it is one block west of Gilbert.


CityKin said...

Do you know the history of these things? Were they built by the city or by private people? How much did a bath cost? etc..

Dan said...

The one in OTR I know was built by Jacob Schmidlapp who was instrumental in funding projects for helping the working class:

"Mr. Schmidlapp recognized the need for quality housing stock for the impoverished. He also saw a direct correlation between clean, affordable homes and a decrease in crime and rent default. In 1903, Mr. Schmidlapp established a trust to help improve lives by funding
arts, health and human services, education and community development
initiatives. A second Schmidlapp Trust was established in 1919. Mr. Schmidlapp and several partners established the Cincinnati Model Homes project, the city's first housing development designed for low-income people. One of his lasting legacies, Mr. Schmidlapp's dedication to housing created
over 400 units for the working class before his death in 1919."

I can speculate that this might have been funded by this group like the one in OTR but I don't know

Dan said...

I don't have any info on price and things but agree it would be interesting to know.

Radarman said...

After you've seen the public comfort station, go to 13th and Spring to see the former public bathhouse. It's been a Baptist church for years, but it could be restored so we could enjoy that Russian luxury.