Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog Alert: Sidebar Updates!

Additions and Subtractions

Trying to clean up some things in the sidebar sections and stay current, I have made a few changes.

  • I have added CinStages and Spring Grove Cemetery to the 'Queen City Culture' roll and deleted the now disbanded New Stage Collective.
  • I have deleted the now defunct CinWeekly and Pulse from the 'Cincinnati Print Media' roll.
  • And I’ve deleted a few blogs from the rolls that seem to have little to no activity anymore.
  • Then finally I’ve added a few 'Cincinnati' and 'Sort of Cincinnati' blogs to the rolls in the sidebar. Some I’ve been visiting for awhile but most are basically brand new to me. They are: Blogging Isn’t Cool, Cincinnati Daily Photo, Cincinnati Modernation, Cincinnati’s Rich, Frothy Brewing History (aka Brewtiful Cincy which is how I’ll list it), A Dork and His Pork, Each Note Secure, Explore Cincinnati, Hoperatives, Local Architecture: Cincinnati, and The Phoney Coney.

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