Monday, December 15, 2008

Cincinnati’s Monday Sports Manager

A round-up of the week’s sporting news.

It has been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these . . . Sorry.

The Bengals win but I’m not sure I care. Two games left . . .

The Bearcats finished the season with a victory over Pitt at home to clinch the Big east Championship and a come-from-behind victory at Hawaii to finish the season 11 – 2 and No. 12 in the country.

By virtue of winning the Big East, the Bearcats secured a BCS bowl berth and were selected to play in the FedEx Orange Bowl against Virginia Tech, winners of the ACC.

Reports are that about 10,000 tickets have been sold. We really need to sell all 17,000+ tickets but I can understand that it may be difficult given the tough econmic times. But this is the very first BCS game ever. I just felt like I couldn't miss it. So this blogger will be in Miami on January 1 for the game! Let's hope UC comes home a winner.

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CityKin said...

UC rocckkks!

Randy Simes said...

Count this as another blogger that will be down in Miami for the Orange Bowl. Go Bearcats!