Monday, February 4, 2008

Website Rehab: Cincinnati Preservation Association

The Cincinnati Preservation Association website is being upgraded. "Renovations" are currently underway. If there was anything I didn’t like about CPA’s website was that it never seemed up to date – a lot of events were old and new events were not listed for example. But I understand the new format will be easier for CPA to have control over content, making changes easier, and they eventually will have a secured site to order tickets for various events online.

Sara Pearce had a piece a few weeks ago about artists, gallaries, and arts organizations in general needing to be tech savvy and I completely agree.

"I'm surprised every single day by the lack of technical savvy not only by artists but also by galleries and arts organizations. Big ones. Small ones. Rich ones. Poor ones. New ones. Old ones. It doesn't matter. There are notable exceptions, of course, and they make arts patrons jobs a breeze with easy-to-navigate, updated and informative sites."

She goes on to talk about an experience with the Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati for instance and she is again spot on. So I know folks at CPA at least recognize their shortcomings and are working on improvements.

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Kevin LeMaster said...

Good news.

I realize that often organizations like CPA can be short of enough staff to keep on top of the website, but that's really the front door to your organization.

Preserving the year 2005 is not part of your mission! :D