Sunday, February 3, 2008

Six Shows about Cincy

With the writer’s strike continuing in Hollywood, I thought I’d throw out some ideas for some new TV shows set in the Queen City. We had a lot of buzz with "Clash of the Choirs" so we need to continue to capitalize on it. And there is nothing like a TV show to put the spotlight on your city week after week. Think about what Cheers did for Boston. (And to a lesser degree what WKRP did for Cincinnati.) And all shows will be positive. No CSI: Cincinnati or Homicide – Life in OTR. Oh and yes, this post is pure fluff.

3rd & Long
A domestic comedy where Bengal’s football player, Brian "Go" Long, has more battles at home than on the gridiron. I’m thinking it is a vehicle for Vin Diesel. The series ends when he’s traded to Cleveland.

Open Mike Night
Mike, a singer/songwriter, tries to make it in life and in the local indie music scene. Mike’s circle of friends includes a sister and co-workers of the restaurant where he is a waiter. Maybe he’s a CCM grad. Picture the exterior shots on Main Street or in the Q as our lead plays various bars and clubs.

Fountain Squares
An offbeat comedy about four geeky friends living in Cincinnati. It is the Midwestern Napoleon Dynamite or Superbad.

Seven Hills
A one hour soap, this is Cincinnati’s version of the OC, or The Hills, or 90210 but with a decidedly East Side vs. West Side angle.

The Collaborative
One hour dramady (think Brothers & Sisters or Gilmore Girls) set in a downtown Cincinnati architectural firm and centered on the three partners, their firm, and their families. Do we put the firm in a downtown high-rise with sweeping views or a renovated industrial space?

Aud Lang Syne
Six college friends, from a small midwestern college, meet up each New Year's Eve at the Netherlands Plaza to reminensce about college and the year that was. Story is told in flashbacks as the friends have moved away, gotten married, had kids . . . and their lives generally only entwine once a year. (Or during sweeps.)

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Jeff said...

Hey fun idea, even if it is fluff…that’s pretty much all my blog is lol. I like the idea for Aud Lang Syne it reminds me of How I Met Your Mother but with more of a variable plot line and the fluctuating time frame would allow you to constantly shift locations and periods as needed. What about a show which revolves around a group of younger (late twenties early thirties) business men and city officials who grew up in Cincinnati, all with their own family history here that drives them. Personally they are terribly flawed and comical but they are consistently choosing to do the right thing for each other and the city, working together in their respective posts to try and make the city better by using their friendships and positions, which of course can cross the line between friends and allies or even enemies. You could even do a back story where one of the central characters grandfathers was an architect or engineer in the city during a period of exceptional growth in order to draw comparisons. Can their friendship survive their jobs, their ideals, their goals, and the city? Could call it Cincinnatus Rising.

Augustus& Toby the Dog

5chw4r7z said...

Thats freaking awesome!

WestEnder said...

A truly inspired post!