Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Final Countdown: Elections!

October 31, 2007 – Part II

CityBeat endorsements are out! From today's print edition:
Chris Bortz
Laketa Cole
John Cranley
David Crowley
John Eby
Brian Garry
Greg Harris
Joan Kaup
Roxanne Qualls

With that, all the "newspapers" have now made their endorsements: The Enquirer, CityBeat, and the Downtowner. (There is a nice chart in CityBeat today showing a who’s who of endorsements. The Post is not endorsing candidates apparently.) Bortz, Cole, Crowley, and Harris have endorsements from all three. Cranley and Eby have endorsements from two: The Enquirer and CityBeat. Ghiz has endorsements from two: The Enquirer and Downtowner. Kaup and Qualls have endorsements from two: CityBeat and the Downtowner. Monzel and Thomas have endorsements from only the Enquirer. Berding and Young have endorsements from only the Downtowner. Garry has an endorsement from only CityBeat.

Is it safe to use this information to maybe make some predictions?
Locks: Bortz, Cole, Crowley, and Harris
Near: Cranley, Eby, Ghiz, Kaup, and Qualls
Needs help: Monzel, Thomas, Berding, Young and Garry

Honestly, I am not sure it is that simple but fascinating never-the-less!

Interesting things I see. No newspaper endorsements for Pat Fischer. A month or so ago I would have said he’s a lock to finish in the top nine. I actually would still give him a chance with the money behind his campaign and if the Republican base comes out for him. And I personally love that Charlie Winburn has no newspaper endorsements. His "shoot ‘em up" commercial had me so fuming I have told people NOT to vote for this guy. And that is out-of-character for me. His ad totally preys on fear and I am still mad. But I still give him a chance too to finish in the top nine.

The other interesting thing to me is who of say those three papers best has their pulse on the City. Is any one out of step? (We’ll find out next Tuesday?) And how do some get endorsed while others do not? I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at the Enquirer, for instance, when they decided not to endorse Berding and Qualls. Maybe the endorsement that bother me the most are from the FOP. I cannot imagine a law enforcement organization endorsing Winburn, who in his commercial portrays some sort of lawlessness in the city, or Malone who has run up against the law a few times. (Here is an article in CityBeat and another in the Enquirer.)

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