Thursday, November 1, 2007

Final Countdown: Elections!

November 1, 2007

Quiet day candidate wise online and on the blogs so I thought I’d post some websites of a selected few candidates. (Inclusion does not mean an endorsement from me!) But I wanted to look at a few and see what they had to offer. Of those listed, Wendell Young’s is the most basic. No link for making an online donation for example. Very simple and to the point. I liked Qualls & Kaup’s calendars or events of what's was going on, where they will be, etc. Qualls for instance has an event tonight at City Cellars. Cranley and Eby also had a similar thing but were either not updated very much or populated with much information. I’ve never been big on the ‘myspace’ thing so maybe some have listings of events and things there but I didn’t look. I’m very visual so in my opinion there is just something to be said for a well designed website, or literature and yard sign for that matter. Again I have to go with Kaup and Qualls on a nice web design. Not sure who designed either one.
Anyway, just click on the name to get you to their sites:
Chris Bortz


marilyn said...

Can't get to Qualls...linked to Young's!

Dan said...

Oops. I am so sorry. I will try and get that fixed.

Dan said...

Ok, it is fixed now. Thank you Marilyn.