Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Queen's City Hall

Urban Ohio alerted me to Charlie Winburn's new political commercial. Click here to view at Cincinnati.com. I am so irritated by it. I hate comments like, "On Winburn's watch, the number of jobs will go up . . ." And don't even get me started on the gunshots. I am telling everyone I know who lives in Cincinnati to view the commercial and hopefully make a decision not to vote for this guy.

I actually like Bortz's commercial which can be found here on the same Enquirer site.

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Mike said...

We saw it last night during the evening news, and turned off the TV in disgust. Totally about divisivness and fear.

Then I got Kaup's mailer, and it shows two men holding hands and a inter-racial couple holding hands, with the statement that we should all stand together.

Unfortunately Winburn is much more likely to win. I think it is clear Winburn wants to be mayor, and I think he could pull it off.