Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blog Alert: Beit Carr

I came across Beit Carr again after Steve, the blogger, commented on my piece about the Clifton walking tour. The first time I looked at his blog was actually after looking at some of his photos on Capture Cincinnati. And I have actually met Steve in person through an Architreks event. Anyway, I find his site and posts very interesting in spite of the fact, or maybe because, we are somewhat different. But this quote on his flickr account is common ground: "It needn't be said that I love Cincinnati." (And we both like the Bengals and fantasy football I think.) Anyway, enjoy! Here are two photographs of his I thought I’d share . . .

All of Steve’s photos can be accessed through his other website, House of Carr. Find the link to flickr. (General question: I don’t use flickr. Should I be using this? What are the benefits?)

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