Saturday, October 27, 2007

Walking Tour: Clifton

So this morning I took the Architreks walking tour of Clifton. The focus is on buildings, primarily residences, north of McAlpin Avenue. It was a little chilly and overcast with even some rain at times but here are a few pictures . . .
'Bishop's Place' (1885) Achitect - James McLaughlin

'Scarlet Oaks' (1871) Architect - James Key Wilson

'Oakwood' (1866) Architect - William Tinsley

John Uri Lloyd Residence (1885) Architect - James McLaughlin

'Brightside' (1892) Architect - Henry Siter

Calvary Episcopal Church (1867) Architect - William Tinsley

Clifton Public School (1906) Architect - E. H. Dornette


steve-o said...

Hey Dan, enjoying the blog.

I'm on the rotation to give this tour and it's been a great experience. As someone born and raised in Cincinnati I had no idea all the gems that Clifton holds. You almost forget you're hovering over 1-75.

Dan said...

Hey Steve. Thanks. Yeah, the homes on that Clifton tour are amazing. This city just has so much great architecture. (Oh, and like your photos on Capture Cincinnati.)

Kevin LeMaster said...

Pretty! Too bad the sun didn't cooperate. :(