Thursday, February 19, 2009

Police Station No. 7 or No. 8?

At the southeast corner of the "Six Points" intersection of Ravine, McMillan, and Fairview Streets is the former Police Station No. 7 . . . or No. 8.
On the building it clearly says "Eighth District Patrol" and the above photo indicates Eight District but on the National Register of Historic Places it is listed as Police Station No. 7 which is said to have been completed in 1895, and designed by Samuel Hannaford & Sons and Charles Rosentiel.

Maybe the 7th & 8th Districts were combined at one time under the 7th District which is why it is listed in the National Register as such. Anyway, it troubles me . . . and yes, this is the stupid stuff I ponder.
Historic image from the Library's Cincinnati Memory Project.

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Anne said...

Great post! I've always been curious about that building. What's it being used for now?