Thursday, February 19, 2009

QCS Quips

Random thoughts . . . Cincinnati related and otherwise.
  • I am less certain today than a few months ago that a streetcar, any streetcar, will be built by say 2015. And that pisses me off.
  • I thought Top Chef yesterday was going to be the finale. I’m hoping for a Carla upset!
  • Did you see the list of the "Top Ten" restaurants in the city according to Cincinnati Magazine? I’ve only been to three and one of those was just for brunch.
  • Watching a re-run of "The West Wing" on Bravo yesterday there was a mention of President Hayes! Annabeth points out to a group of kids that the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office was a gift to Rutherford B. Hayes from Queen Victoria in 1880.
  • Oh, and not that I will ever have children, but if I did the first boy will now include some variation of "Rutherford".
  • A local blogger took my picture over the weekend. Looks like Barry posted it today. He took a picture of me before and I am wearing the same hat.


Edro Edro said...

Rutherford sounds like a good name for a dog.

And that hat is just a good hat. said...

You have to admit that the picture is a better picture... of both of us.

Well, of me.

Definitely of me.