Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bearcat Football #1 in Overachieving

So I was at the gym and reading an interesting article in this week’s Sporting News. The article was a ranking of a number of NCAA college football programs that highlighted the schools that basically did more, with less.
By looking at the rankings of recruiting classes and then comparing with number of wins, it formulated a list of schools that in essence took less touted recruits but won a lot of games. UC ranked No. 1. The Big East actually finished No 1, No. 2 (West Virginia), and No. 3 (Louisville).

Brian Bennett, the Big East blogger over at, did an entry Thursday on the story. He has a good take on it.

In other related news, Sporting News had Kevin Huber as the No. 3 ranked punter in this year’s draft.

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