Tuesday, February 10, 2009

East Walnut Hills Wow Factor

So, as I've stated in the past, I am stoked for a Walnut Hills tour this summer.
While two houses on Edgecliff Point are not on it, I went to look at them yesterday because I had never seen them before. Both designed homes were designed by Burnahm and Root and completed in 1887. "Maxwellton" was the home of U.S. Solicitor General Lawrence Maxwell and the C. Bentley Matthews House, then next door, was built for a prominent lawyer.
The houses are both interesting but I was taken aback quite literally by the Matthews house and its setting overlooking the bend in the Ohio.


C. Bentley Matthews House

The end of Edgecliff Point.


Paul Wilham said...

Great photo, my time is so limited working on the weekend on our own restoration that I dont have time to 'sightsee' I always like seeing these kind of posts!

steve-o said...

The Matthews house is one of my absolute favorite in the city. The circle porch atop the front has to have an incredible view of the river.

5chw4r7z said...

yeah, you figured out the photo issue!

Dan said...

5chw4r7z - It is working a little better but it is not the way it was. Took me like twice as long to place fhotos. I'm looking in to options.