Sunday, September 28, 2008

Walking Tour: Upland Place

Walnut Hills

It is now official; I am stalking Walnut Hills. My love affair is now borderline obsession. However with my gushing, I may have successfully lobbied for a full ARCHITREKS walking tour of Walnut Hills in 2010! We shall see.

Upland Place is part of the Upland Local Historic District which also includes parts of the nearby streets of Ashland, Fleming, Grandview and East McMillan. An enclave of Victorian Architecture, the housing styles range from Italianate, Second Empire, Queen Anne, Shingle, Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, Exotic Revival, and Chateauesque.

Here are some of my favorite or most notable buildings.

Cordelia A. Plimpton House (1885)
2200 Upland Place
Architect: Lucian Plympton
Alfred D. Fisher House – "Swiss Chalet" (1892)
2214 Upland Place
Architect: Lucian Plympton
Orrin E. Peters House (1891)
2304 Upland Place
Architect: Martin Aiken & E. H. Ketcham
Joseph A. Jones House (c. 1886)
2315 Upland Place
Architect: Samuel Hannaford
William Graveson House (1883)
2326 Upland Place
Architect: Attributed to Desjardins & Hayward
Bernard Mihalovitch House (1892)
2330 Upland Place
Architect: Samuel Godley
2333 Upland Place (1880)

Jacob S. Fechheimer House (1893)
2334 Upland Place
Architect: Desjardins & Hayward

2345 Upland Place (1895)

3403 Upland Place (1880)

City of Cincinnati Conservation Guidelines - Upland Historic District


VisuaLingual said...

The Swiss chalet is unbelievable. I love these posts.

CityKin said...

That is a great street.