Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cincinnati’s Monday Sports Manager

A round-up of the week’s sporting news

The Reds finish the season 74 – 88. A quick look at the Red’s website and they are pretty optimistic for next year with the young talent they have. I guess as the saying goes, there is always next year.

The Bengals lose to Cleveland and are a big zero and four. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up during the post-game show.

Bearcats win in Akron versus the Zips but it was a tough win. The Bearcats started the game and the second half strong, but didn’t seem to play with much emotion for the entire four quarters. And Drew Frey and Tony Pike broke their arms. On the positive side, I would estimate the crowd at the Rubber Bowl was a little less than 50% Bearcat fans with approximately 16,000 people in attendance. And no doubt the hero of the game was Jake Rodgers, the kicker who booted a 48 yard field goal to give UC the win.

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