Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oktoberfest Zinzinnati

Observations & Comments

I had a blast at Oktoberfest last weekend. I attribute it mostly to some good friends to hang out with and a large amount of beer.

I did want to comment on a few things.

I liked the idea of new Party Zelt tent with a stage and TVs however it was way too disconnected to the main 5th Street strip. It was in the parking lot next Millennium but set back to near mid block. If you have it next year, move or get rid of the HYPE Haus Tent (I saw no one in it all weekend) then move the Party Tent all the way to the corner of 5th & Race.
I'd be all for a 10-day Oktoberfest in the new Central Riverfront Park with a big tent with long tables that stays open through the week, spans two weekends, and might be even more authentic.
Finally, P&G needs to allow the use of their garden from Sycamore to Broadway. I think it could really add a nice ambiance to the "Beir Garten" concept and be just a nice place for kids to play or sit out in the grass. Some kids were already doing it. Leave the big tent in the middle with the stage but then add temporary table and tables in chairs around the lawns under the pergolas. It would be a shady place to rest and eat and observe any activity on the lawn. Maybe make that whole end of Oktoberfest more of an entertainment zone with more "Karneval" type games for kids in addition to the rides on Sycamore and the far end of 5th. Of course the games should have wacky German themes. P&G is already a big supporter and stage sponsor of Oktoberfest. But I’m sorry that green space needs to be used and not just looked at. What harm can come from two days of foot traffic? Are they seriously that worried about killing the grass? Just spray some Fabreze on it when it is all over. That works right?

Oh, one last thing. Sorry to the girl that called me an a****** as I ran in to her walking through the intersection of 5th & Walnut Streets. I admit I wasn’t paying attention when I bumped you but I didn’t do it on purpose of course.

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