Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weekend Warm-Up: April 11 – 13

My recommendations for something to do this weekend

This weekend is all about the rescheduled Bockfest events.

First and foremost (at least to me), that includes the Prohibition Resistance Tour. Tickets are still available for some times on Sunday. Somewhere Over the Rhine has a great summary of all the events so I am just going to send you over there for a run down and summary. I will be one of a few bus guides on both Saturday and Sunday so say 'hi' if you see me . . . and you happen to know what I look like.

If you are looking for an evening activity, the Know Theatre's production of bare: The Musical continues this weekend. It opened last weekend and got a good review in the Enquirer. Check their website for show times. It runs through May 4, 2008.

I might suggest an 'Evening in the Rhine' by combining some Bockfest festivities with a show at the Know (or Bug at New Stage Collective) and then grabbing a drink at Grammer's or Lavomatic.

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