Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Road to March(itecture) Madness

Wednesday, February 27th

As we get closer to the announcement of the tournament bracket on March 1, we are following a few storylines and how they are impacting the selection committee.


This city has a number of historic schools, some on the National Register and some not. But the final bracket of 32 is probably is going to leave a number of potentially worthy candidates out of the post-season. All are currently jockeying for position and trying to stand out for the selection committee.

For instance we two former schools that are a bit smaller in scale that think they deserve some props:

Mt. Adams Public School
Location: 1125 St. Gregory Street
Completed: 1895
Architect: Henry Siter
Style: Romanesque Revival
Individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places

One of only a few former or current Cincinnati Public Schools listed on the National Register.

Guilford School
Location: 421 East Fourth Street
Completed: 1914
Architect: Garber & Woodward
Style: Italian Renaissance Revival

A stylish former Cincinnati Public Schools but on an personal scale.
Will they make it in the tournament? Will they get enough votes to possibly sneak in through our "play-in game"? We shall see . . .

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