Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bengal Beat

My Season Tickets

I have neglected to mention a milestone. I sold my Paul Brown Stadium Seat Licenses and I am no longer a Bengal Season Ticket holder. I moved to Cincinnati in Spring 2003. It was the beginning of Marvin Lewis’s first season as head coach. I could look out my apartment window and see the stadium. As my interest in the team grew (Originally from the area I was never a big Bengal’s fan) I went to the final six home games that year, including the win over a previously undefeated Kansas City team. After the end of the 2003 season I decided to take the plunge and get season tickets. This ended my fourth year. I know some people have been season ticket holders since Riverfront, but I still wanted to note the occasion somehow.

Now I’d like to say issues of principal influenced my decision to sell. Like the fact that they raised prices after a losing season or that they continue to be roadblocks to the Banks. But I can’t. Not really. It sounds good and I might feel like I am making a stand against the evil Brown Empire but in the end my reason was mostly financial. I just can’t justify the cost. There is just other stuff I’ve decided I’d rather do with my money. I might try and get tickets to a game or something on StubHub but buying and seeing ten home games (including the required two pre-season games) just isn’t a priority anymore. I’m sure they won’t miss me.


nicker66 said...

Congrats! I am entering year 3 and it very well could be my last.

How did you sell your license?

Dan said...

You get a form from the Bengals who verify that you own the license then it transfers ownership to the new person. It needs to be notorized and sent back to the Bengals. The monetary exchange for the piece of paper is up to the individuals. The good part is the new person gets your seats but does not have to be on the wait list.

Anonymous said...

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