Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Big Votes

I will eventually write more about The Streetcar and The Banks but with today's joint City and County decision on the Banks and City Council's 8-1 vote to keep moving forward on financing the other day, I just wanted to do a little happy dance. You can't see me . . . but I'm doing a little dance.

Many bloggers are covering this. I think I would be replicating much of what they say. Click most any of the links to the left and there will be something on the Streetcar and Banks. Urban Cincy and The 'Nati Life have been blogging about both of them for a while. Beit Carr has a nice little piece today on The Banks. And there are pages and pages of comments at Urban Ohio on the streetcar and The Banks. So I will write more later but it was such a big day, I could not not comment. And yes, I'm sure there are many roadblocks - the Bengals come to mind - but I'm willing to just be happy this evening.

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