Friday, November 2, 2007

Final Countdown: Elections!

November 2, 2007

So today I thought I would look back to the 2005 City Council Election. You remember how they finished (in order) . . .

John Cranley
Jim Tarbell
Y. Laketa Cole
David Crowley
Leslie Ghiz
Jeff Berding
Chris Monzel
Chris Bortz
Cecil Thomas

Incumbents that did not win their seat back included Sam Malone who finished 10th and Christopher Smitherman who finished 11th. Sam Malone is running again this year. Other candidates running this year who also ran in 2005 include Wendell Young who finished 13th, John Eby who finished 15th, and Michael Earl Patton who finished 24th.

We also voted for Mayor in 2005 and Mark Mallory was of course the winner over David Pepper. I had forgotten how close it was though: 37,206 votes to 34,268 (Hamilton County Board of Elections).

So do you see any incumbents vulnerable? Will we get a few new members this year? It is still hard for me to think of Qualls as an incumbent. I almost think of it as an open seat. Apparently the Democrats are a little worried about a few of their incumbents according to a piece on’s Politics Extra blog today.

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