Saturday, November 10, 2007

Baedeker: Sidney, OH

I had to go to Sidney, Ohio, for work so while there I knew I wanted to take a few pictures on Courthouse Square.

Sidney's Courthouse Square is a National Register Historic District and the intact, cohesive Square is quite nice. The focal point is, of course, the Second Empire style Courthouse, completed in 1883, and designed by George H. Maetzel. There is also the very interesting, Victorian Gothic Monumental Building, completed in 1877 to honor Civil War dead. But my main reason to visit was to see the People's Federal Savings & Loan Thrift Building. This National Historic Landmark was completed in 1918 and was designed by Chicago architect, Louis Sullivan. This quote from American Architect, published in Fall of 1918 sums up the building:
"... a new building from the hand of Louis Sullivan was an event in architecture ... If so much space has been given the little building that glows like a jewel on its much mooted corner, it is because it marks a departure from the day of mere utilitarianism ..."
Author's Note: Baedeker was a German-based travel guide begun in 1827 by Karl Baedeker. These comprehensive guides were hugely popular in Europe, the United States, and throughout the British Empire. I have adopted the moniker for all my travel pieces beyond Cincinnati. Given its German history and stately influence, I thought it fitting for the Queen City. I actually first heard of them while watching the movie A Room with a View, where proper, Edwardian English ladies Lucy Honeychurch and her chaperon travel around Florence, Italy, Baedeker in hand.


Mike said...

Can you go inside of the Sullivan Building? I would very much like to see this building.

nicker66 said...

I thought that Sullivan building looked familiar...and then I realized that there is a bank on Purdue's campus by him as well. It looks like he didn't branch out too much, but still great buildings regardless...

Dan said...

I think you can go in Mike. I believe it is still a bank of sorts so I assume the lobby is open for instance. I did not try however.

Neat Nicker66. Those windows are very similar in arrangement. sullivan did a building in Newark,OH that I have never been to.