Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bengals' Mid-Season Report Card

Was reading this week's Sporting News and they had mid-season report cards for all 32 NFL teams. Grades for the Bengals were as follows:

Offense: B
Defense: F
Special Teams: D
Coaching: F

Pretty harsh . . . but I'd most likely agree. If they had been giving pluses and minuses I might say the Offense is a B- and Special Teams is a C+ (especially considering their recent run back for TD and improved field position lately). But the offense doesn't look as sharp and the defense is well, not very defensive. They need to make some big changes this offseason if you ask me.


Kevin LeMaster said...

I might want to bump the offense down from to a B- or C+ due to their inability to score TDs in the red zone.

WestEnder said...

I think I might give the offense a C for 2 reasons.

First, considering the caliber of the QB and receiving squad it's reasonable to say they are performing below potential.

Second, the running game is very weak.

Put both of these together and it's hard to justify anything above B-, IMO.

I agree with the other grades, but I wish there was also a grade for the ownership/front office. That's another F.