Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why We Love This City

Cincinnati Magazine’s October 2007 issue has their "40 reason why we love this city." They actually go on and list 24 more because according to them, they just couldn’t stop. So I thought I would list a few that I liked and agree with. I might not agree with the actual ranking (Findlay Market at #51?!), but you get the idea . . .

3. The Architecture
15. The Blind Lemon
17. Cornhole
18. The Phantom Subway
24. Our Nickname (Of course I would love that!)
26. Walking in Spring Grove Cemetery
30. Union Terminal
33. Old German Signs in OTR
38. Carew Tower Observation Deck
51. Saturday Mornings at Findlay Market
54. Church Festivals
Ok, that last one I am sure can be said about a lot of cities so I don’t think it is real unique. But like Cincinnati Magazine, I love draft beer in plastic cups, those pull-tab instant winners where I get excited if I win 50¢, and bingo or poker tables under a big tent.

A lot of them I didn’t think were uniquely Cincinnati actually. Maybe that was not the point, but that is why I didn’t list them. The "Number One" item I actually probably disagreed with the most – "Freestore Food Bank". Especially after plans to demolish some buildings in Over the Rhine for a parking lot expansion. Check out CityKid blog for more on that issue.

So what would you include? Besides the obvious not on the list like Music Hall, I might say The Morning Glory Ride or the MidPoint Music Festival.

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