Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

So my mom would have been 73 today. While she grew up in Hamilton, her mom’s family was from Cincinnati. A typical Cincinnati, German family story: My maternal Grandmother lived on Oliver Street in the West End when she was young but the family eventually moved out of ‘The Basin’ to Corryville when she was a teenager. I never met my maternal grandmother but my mom spoke fondly, and often, of driving or taking a bus down with her mom to visit her cousins or to go shopping. My fondest Cincinnati memories with my mom are also probably shopping downtown, particularly at Christmas time. I remember going to see the talking reindeer in the Carew Tower Arcade and the other elaborate Christmas displays at Pogue’s. (I wasn’t very fond of sitting on Santa’s lap.) Interestingly, Mom never took us to the Museum or the Zoo. Dad always did that. Mom always took us shopping . . .

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