Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Queen Speaks

Quotes from and about Cincinnati

Did anyone read October 2007's Cincinnati Magazine? Their "We Love This Town" issue included, besides the 40 reason why we love this town, profiles of 40 "activists, captains of industry, sports figures, artists, and iconclasts" who helped build this city in the last 40 years. On Cincinnati Magazine's website, they have a "Quotable Notables" web feature. Basically quotes from those forty individuals that were not included in the print magazine. Click here to view them all, but my favorite of the bunch:

“I don’t know if native Cincinnatians understand how special their city is. The natives are the worst enemy of the city. The ones who move here are the biggest supporters of the city.” – Christine Schoonover

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5chw4r7z said...

Living downtown with many other transplants I've found the same thing. We all love Cincinnati, I can't understand all the criticism, people don't realize how truly special Cincinnati is.
Everyone I work with thinks I'm crazy.
Yep, crazy about Cincy!