Monday, October 22, 2007

Restaurant Review: Sung Korean Bistro

A friend and I had dinner at Sung Korean Bistro on Friday, October 19. Located at 7th and Elm Streets. I had wanted to try it and after 5chw4r7z’s review, my friend agreed to go. We shared the Pork Bulgogi (a grilled, sliced pork), the Maeun Dak Bokum (a chicken stir-fry), and a bottle of wine. Strong and pungent flavors carried both meals. And the wine helped take the heat off! We wondered what really separates different Asian cuisines - Korean vs. Thai for instance - but the meal was very good regardless. I liked the contemporary atmosphere and there was a good crowd at around 9:30 pm when we arrived.

Check website (which is slick, contemporary and matched the restaurant) for hours.


WestEnder said...

I'm keen on trying it out as well. It's funny you mentioned the difference between Korean vs. other Asian foods; I've been wondering the same thing. This page has some info.

5chw4r7z said...

I had the Pork Bulgogi also and really like it,full of flavor. But anyhow, I never knew what Korean food was except for a boss I had once that went to Korea to sign a big contract with Daewoo and claimed he ate nothing but snickers bars for 4 days straight because the food smelled so bad. Obviously he didn't eat at Sung's.

Dan said...

Westender - That's a nice link discussing Korean cuisine. Basic and to the point. I tried to actually find some stuff online before posting and nothing I read really told me what I wanted to know.