Monday, October 12, 2009

We Will Not Be Moved!

So according to this post, this home could be purchased and moved. Potentially out of the city, out of the state, or out of the country. This cannot happen.
3800 Reading Road is reported to have been designed by architect Matthew Burton for William O'Dell and completed in 1919. Burton's family was actually involved in the development of Avondale and in fact there is a street named 'Burton' for the family there. The Burton's were also related to the Mitchells (according to W. Langsam). Yes, 'Mitchell' of Mitchell Avenue fame. Members of the Mitchell family lived in Avondale and both the Rose Hill neighborhood and the Dakota neighborhoods in Avondale were deleveloped by them. Burton also designed the wonderful Frank Enger House at Dakota and Marion Avenues in Avondale (Langsam).

3800 Reading Road was eventually used as The Jewish Center for a time, beginning in 1935.

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Paul Wilham said...

Yes, let's just disassemble this important home and sell it to someone in Dubai! Imagine this as a parking lot? That's what ResErections Inc wants to do. According to them this space MUST BE used as parking lot for a medical center office and they are "saving" the structure!

Or lets take NATIONALLY Registered Landmark at 965 Buron and sell that out of state or country too.

The answer is simple. Cincinnati needs an ordinance like several major cities ALREADY have that makes it illegal to dis-assemble or move a property out of city limits without a public hearing and a vote of a city council.

If that makes sense to you then please contact your council person and tell them.

You might also want to share your views with Lee McClymonds owner of ResErection who want to do this at . Mr McClymonds is responsible for the destruction of Kemper Castle which is being "rebuilt" in Texas.