Saturday, February 21, 2009

Avondale: Lenox to Dakota

These fantastic houses are located along Redway Avenue from the corner of Lennox Place to Dakota Avenue. Part of this part of North Avondale was platted by the Robert Mitchell family in the 1890’s, who also platted the Rose Hill subdivision about the same time. Son Richard Mitchell lived at 3 Burton Lane, now the New School. His brother Albert later lived in Rose Hill. (In a ‘Behind the Asphalt’ way, Mitchell Avenue is named after this family.)

935 Lenox Place (c. 1890)
A wonderful, commanding Chateauesque style mansion
946 Redway Avenue (1908)
An eclectic design with Italian Renaissance Revival, Romanesque and Craftsman style details.
3885 Dakota Avenue (1902)
A late Swiss Chalet - Exotic Revival home with Queen Anne details and early Craftsman style touches.


Anne said...

The first one looks a lot like the Pike house across from Burnet Woods. Any relation?

Matt Hunter Ross said...

north avondale is just amazing. if i had the money and desire to put up with the surroundings i'd easily put up shop there.