Wednesday, July 22, 2009

QCS Quips

Random thoughts . . . Cincinnati related and otherwise generally of news while I was on vacation.

  • One should never (accidentally) wear your iPod in to the ocean. It is toast.
  • The Enquirer continues to disappoint with an editorial against the streetcar. Look for a response in the next day or two . . .
  • Emmy nominations came out while I was gone. Yeah for Top Chef, Project Runway, Kathy Griffin, Hope Davis, and Tina Fey (for SNL, not 30 Rock. I don’t watch that for some reason . . .)
  • Rehoboth Beach was noticeably less crowded this year – at the beach and at the bars – and the crowd itself was generally older where I was hanging out. Many I talked to attributed this to the economy and that the younger folks in particular just were staying away.
  • Even though it was less crowded, I still managed to have a great time. Maybe even more so than last year.
  • There was one sort of sad event from vacation though. A person I met had a dog and it died on Friday morning.
  • Before I left for vacation I became a Cincinnati Symphony Season subscriber.
  • Utz Pretzels are fantastic. But I brought some bags home and I need to stop eating them.


Anonymous said...

Concerning Streetcars: Certainly, I am not the most philisophical person in the world, but should we really want to put the cart before the horse. So to say!

Anonymous said...

Concerning Streetcars 2: Consider, if you will, the wooden wheel. In days of yore, the horse drawn carriage was quite productive. However, without the spoke, the infrastructure of the wheel, it would have not worked very well. Thoughts to ponder, that's all!

5chw4r7z said...

yes, we need the streetcar even more now to spur development and investment in the city.
Now isn't the time to be timid, Cincinnati has done that far too long and where has it gotten us?

Rick said...

OK, so I'm a little late to the streetcar debate. I have a hard time seeing the need for a loop in downtown which is already served by buses. But what really gets me is Council folks who say the streetcar is about development. No it's not. It's about mass transportation. And we have a serious need for transportation inprovements throughout our metropolitan area from King's Island to the airport, and Green Township to Newport, and if we put our stations in the right places I'm sure some awesome development will follow and provide the Bortz family with more opportunities to make money.

Anonymous said...

Concerning Streetcars 3: I am in no wise saying that streetcars are a bad idea. Im just saying that a lot more thought and planning needs to go into it! So, I will leave this one up to city planning, civil engineering and architecture.