Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baedeker: 2009 Summer Vacation

Rehoboth Beach and Cape Henlopen State Park, DE, and Annapolis, MD

Part III – Annapolis, MD

A multipart series chronically sites of my 2009 summer vacation

I stopped in Annapolis on the way home for a quick day trip. I regret I didn’t get to do more while I was there or stay longer. I love Annapolis and there is plenty to fill an entire day. This includes but not limited to visiting the U.S. Naval Academy, various house and city tours, boat cruises, shopping, and great eating. Here are just some shots from about 4 hours in Annapolis and the Naval Academy.

Main Street & Church Circle with Capitol in background
Main Street
West Street and St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in background
The State Capitol
The United States Naval Academy
The Naval Academy has a Visitor Center which includes a museum and exhibits along with a great gift shop and it is the starting point for walking tours of campus. I didn’t have time to take a guided tour but I think I missed out.
Officers’ Quarters
Usually open to the public, it was closed for a wedding. You could only look in via the open door. (By the way, all the men of the wedding party were in full white dress uniform.)
Naval Academy’s Plebe Summer
At least that is what I think this is part of . . .
Group Push Ups!
Tug of War

To view all my Annapolis photos on flickr, click here.

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