Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baedeker: 2009 Summer Vacation

Rehoboth Beach and Cape Henlopen State Park, DE, and Annapolis, MD

Part IV – Bonus: The Washington Monument

A multipart series chronically sites of my 2009 summer vacation

So while on the way to Rehoboth, I actually stopped outside Boonsboro, Maryland and checked out a few sites in the area. I won’t tell you why but if you want a hint, I will tell you about all of the sites during Rutherford B. Hayes month!

One site I can tease you with though is the Washington Monument. On a mountain overlooking the surrounding valleys, the stone monument was erected in 1827 by residents of Boonsboro in honor of George Washington. It is the nation’s oldest monument to our first president.
Started on July 4, 1827, it was completed to its final 34’ height in the fall of that year. Originally it was constructed without mortar and fell in to disrepair at various times. It was finally preserved in to its current state after it and the surrounding land was made a state park in 1934. An internal stairway leads visitors to the observation deck. And to get to the monument, one climbs a portion of the Appalachian Trail as it follows the ridge of the mountain range and passes through the park. This was my first time hiking any portion of the Appalachian Trail!
That's it for Rehoboth Beach until next year!


Anonymous said...

You are so lonely...I feel sorry for you. I really do! Vacations are nice, but memories aren't worth much with no one to share them with! Truly a sad state!

Anonymous said...

Well, I really am not sure why this person would say that you are lonely just because you went on vacation and stopped at a place that is of interest to you. To me, that isnt lonely, thats living life. As to the comment you have no one to share them with, well apparently you do because you have friends that read your blogs. Just because your single, doesnt mean your lonely...I think they are just jealous because you would chose to be single than with them...hhhmmm

Anonymous said...

I guess some of us would be wise to just mind our on business! I digress!

Anonymous said...

Then again, perhaps they are!

5chw4r7z said...

This must be one of those people that has to rush into a relationship as soon as one ends.

s3742e said...

yes i agree....

Anonymous said...

He who cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself! -George Herbert-