Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blog Alert: Queen City Survey

A Look Ahead

As we move in to summer here at Queen City Survey, I have a number of things planned to take us in to the fall. June will bring a special Father’s Day post on Art Deco architecture and we will finally end (one week late) our Historic Catholic Churches of Cincinnati series. July brings a mini-series on Avondale’s Reading Road and a much needed vacation for me. August is scheduled to be Walnut Hills Month with a series of posts about Walnut Hills, culminating with the Walnut Hills ARCHITREKS tours on August 29 and 30. September will have a series of posts in honor of Labor Day called Cincinnati Goes to Work documenting the history and architecture of Cincinnati industry. That all then leads to October which will again be Rutherford B. Hayes Month! This year’s theme is Hayes & the Civil War and there will be a series of posts related to Hayes’s service to the Union and hopefully will include some trips to historic battlefields where Hayes served and was wounded. And yes, there will be another Rutherford B. Hayes Birthday Party!

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J-Will said...

That's funny ... I was going to mention that you should do an entry on art deco! I look forward to it.