Sunday, June 14, 2009

UC Architecture

The Best Of?

I was at the University of Cincinnati yesterday for some blog research and it got me thinking: What is the best building, architecturally, on the UC Campus? Is it one of the old ones like McMicken or Wilson Halls? Or is it one of the new ones like University Pavilion or the Engineering Research Center? I know what I think. Let me know what you think. One of them may end up in 2010 March(itecture) Madness . . .
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matt said...

I would say University Pavillion and Swift (and the mews next to it) are my favorite new buildings. Braunstien (with the giant brass arches and doors), and maybe one of the CCM buildings (Dieterle or Memorial) are probably my favorite older ones. The new interior spaces of the Care building on medical campus is cool, and I think Gehry's Vontz Center might win most disappointing work by a big name architect (I do enjoy Michael Graves' ERC building though; not sure how well DAAP is really holding up as a building and some of the new ones are a bit too new to really judge, and feel like they may be out of style pretty soon). French Hall is most underrated as a retrofit, and Crosley is the most iconic building we just can't figure how to get rid of.

Randy Simes said...

I like the Steger Student life center. It's wedged into an unsuspecting spot that most would have never thought possible for a building of that size. The Mews it creates in between it and its neighbor is really neat as well. Plus it's LEED certified. University Pavilion is also enjoyable.

5chw4r7z said...

I'm torn between Steger and the Campus Rec Center for #2. Steger has always reminded me of a galley sailing through the center of Campus, and the CRC, kind of Borg like, hiding a massive swimming pool and basketball court.

But my #1 hands down favorite is Care/Crawley, I've blogged more of this building than the rest of campus put together.
Elevator ride:
Some inside shots;
One more cool inside shot;

matt said...

Yeah, sorry I meant Steger, not Swift.