Thursday, May 28, 2009

Festival Month!

Taste of Cincinnati – A Review

As I did last year, I went to Taste of Cincinnati all three days and each day I decided to try something different and not get the same thing twice. In fact some days I even went for lunch and dinner. I did go to some chain restaurants but agree with many that there were fewer of them this year. Alas I did get some of the same things I had last year. But when you like them, you like them. Here is the rundown:

Behle Street Cafe – Crab Cakes
Burbank's – Fried Catfish Sandwich & Fries
Izzy’s – Pastrami & Swiss
Mac’s Pizza Pub – Mac-Over
Keystone Bar & Grill – Green Day (Mac & Cheese)
Strasse Haus – Cheddar Mett Zoomer

Laszlo’s Iron Skillet – German Meatballs in Creamy Caper Sauce with Whipped PotatoesWertheim’s – Potato Cakes
Courtyard Cafe – Soft Pretzel with Beer Cheese
Thai Taste – Chicken Fried Rice
Indigo – Cajun Cream Pasta
Pit to Plate – Pulled Pork Sandwich
United Dairy Farmers – Homemade Ice Cream Bar

Bella Luna – Chicken Ravioli
Eddie’s Barbeque - Pork Sandwich
Mecklenburg Gardens – Soft Pretzel with Beer Cheese

I pretty much liked everything I had. Only the Fried Rice was just OK. Anything that included a potato, seafood, or a pretzel were my favorites. It is too hard to choose.

Mixed in with the case or so of Michelob Ultras (and a random Hudy Delight) imbibed throughout the weekend, I also had the following beers:
Saturday: Christian Moerlein OTR
Sunday: Christian Moerlein Helles and Great Lakes Dortmunder.
Monday: Christian Moerlein Helles again and I think I had a Warsteiner, though that is now fuzzy.

Other local bloggers have also posted their Taste of Cincinnati reviews, reactions, and photos. Check out 5ch4r7z, Buy Cincinnati, and Wine Me, Dine Me (in Cincinnati). And Clark Street Blog has a fun post from before the activities started.

The thing that I think continues to bother me the most is the quarantine of the lawn at P&G World Headquarters. We must thank P&G for being a title sponsor this year. However I think it would be nice if people could sit on the lawn or even under the covered pergola which was also chained off in many instances. The grass would no doubt take a beating and I understand them doing what they do. But they did tear down many historic buildings and part of Bucktown to get that lawn*. It would be nice if the public could at least sit on it five days a year (I’m including Oktoberfest).

* Here is a sample of what was there:
Wesleyan M. E. Church, East 5th Street between Sycamore & Broadway Street
Allen Temple, SE Corner Broadway & 6th Streets
Sacred Heart Church and vicinity, Broadway Street north of 5th Street
The Fenwick Club including Annex and Chapel, generally at 432 East 5th Street

All images from the Library’s Cincinnati Memory Project except Allen Temple which is from the Cincinnati Historical Society’s African American Resources site.


VisuaLingual said...

Potential grass damage aside, I completely agree that this doesn't seem very neighborly on P&G's part.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan. I had never seen these buildings before. Had heard people tried to save a church there but it was torn down at night(?). More pictures of other buildings?