Monday, May 26, 2008

Taste of Cincinnati: Review

So I went to Taste of Cincinnati all three days and each day I decided to try something different and not get the same thing twice . . . other than beer and soda. I will admit I did go to some chain restaurants. Here is the rundown:

Behle Street Cafe - Crab Cakes
Indigo - Chipolte Chicken Pasta
Rusty Bucket - Bucket Bites (small burgers)
Max & Erma's - Pretzel Sticks

Bella Luna - Grand Ravioli
Andy's Mediterranean Grill - Shish Tawook Chicken
City Barbeque - Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pompilio's - Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Taste of Belgium - Waffle

Bangkok Bistro - Crab Rangoon
Burbank's - Smoked Fried Catfish Sandwich
Mama Vita's - Italian Sausage Ziti Bake

Most everything I had I thought was pretty good. I particularly liked the crab cakes from Behle Street and the Crab Rangoon from Bankok Bistro. And I've never been to either restaurant. My least favorite was probably the last thing I had, the baked ziti. It just wasn't anything special.

Here is a 37 second video I took today about 1:30 pm. It is nothing special, just trying out the camera. My first YouTube video!

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Jason said...

That was 37 seconds that I never got to see. I had to work all weekend :(

Sounds like you had some good eats!