Monday, May 18, 2009

Festival Month!

Fringe Festival Line-Up

The Fringe Festival line-up is set. Here is the list from the website:

April Fools, presented by Four Humors Theatre. (Minneapolis, MN)
Assholes and Aureoles, presented by InterAction Theater, Inc. (Bloomington, IN)
Brother Bailey's Pageant of Moral Superiority and Creation Science Jamboree, presented by Ornamental Messiah Productions. (Jackson, TN)
The Edge, presented by Amy Warner. (Cincinnati, OH)
Empire of Feathers, presented by Giant Bird. (London, UK - International)
The Gayer Show: 66 Years of Faggotry, presented by The Adventures of Les Kurkendaal and Dan Bernitt. (West Hollywood, CA, and New York, NY)
Guns and Chickens, presented by Micha Collective (formerly CCM Chekhov Players). (Cincinnati, OH)
If Only This Date Had The Speed Of Your Tongue, presented by Jill Summerville. (New Carlise, OH)
It Might Be OK, presented by Project Gobi. (Cincinnati, OH)
Gravesongs., presented by Ensemble Theatre Intern Acting Co. (Cincinnati, OH)
Jacques Brel Lonesome Losers of the Night, presented by Queen City Off Broadway/Theo Ubique. (Cincinnati, OH)
KAZ/m, presented by Performance Gallery. (Cincinnati, OH)
Painted, presented by White Beard Productions. (Cincinnati, OH)
A Perfectly Wonderful Evening, presented by Artemis Exchange. (Highland Heights, KY)
The Secrets Project, presented by Genesis Ensemble. (Chicago, IL)
The Success Show, presented by Finite Number of Monkeys Productions. (Cincinnati, OH)
Villainy, presented by This Ain't Real Theatre Co. (Oxford, OH)

Cemetery Golf, presented by Deb Loucks. (Venice, CA)
No Stranger Than Home, presented by Katherine Glover. (St. Paul, MN)
Sex, Dreams, and Self Control!, presented by VTP Music. (Nashville, TN)
7 (x1) Samurai, presented by David Gaines. (Arlington, VA)
The Terrorism of Everyday Life, presented by Ed Hamell. (Syracuse, NY)

Cinema Fantastique, presented by Eagle to Squirrel Variety Hour. (Cincinnati, OH)
Where Drunk Men Go: A Poem with Music, presented by Richard Hague. (Cincinnati, OH)

Incredulity, presented by The Incredulities. (Cincinnati, OH)

Travel, presented by Jamming Talent Productions. (Covington, KY)

Bibliography of Love, presented by Jan Street Dance Theatre. (Louisville, KY)
Body Language II: PHYS. ED., presented by True Body Project. (Cincinnati, OH)
Call Me, presented by DIY Productions. (Cincinnati, OH)
The 4 Food Groups, presented by Pones Inc. Laboratory of Movement. (Covington, KY)
Four Wishes, presented by Gunstwork Puppet Mask Theatre. (Boulder, CO)
Free At Last and Confused in the Land of Good & Evil, presented by DLF Productions & Company (Cincinnati, OH)

There are certainly a few that sound interesting!

More on the Fringe Festival and Visual Fringe on Friday.

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