Saturday, March 14, 2009

QCS Quips

Random thoughts . . . Cincinnati related and otherwise.

  • Have you seen the Catholic Beer Review Blog? I found my way there via Called by Name, a local blog by Father Schnippel, which I found via The Catholic Telegraph Photography Project Blog. The Catholic Beer Review Blog is written in Wisconsin and averages about a post a month but two of his favorite movies are The Sound of Music and Sense & Sensibility so he has to be cool.
  • An article on MSN had Cincinnati as No. 9 in the ten most “Unhappiest” cities. Whatever.
  • I somehow missed the episode of The West Wing when Donna Moss comes to work for the Santos campaign.
  • I was not aware that the University of Cincinnati men’s basketball team was involved in the longest game in NCAA basketball history: a 75-73 victory over Bradley in 1981.
  • Janelle Gelfand at the Enquirer asks, “Why do you go to the symphony? Do you go for the music, the stars, the orchestra, or to enjoy an evening out? None or all of the above? Enquiring minds want to know!!”
  • New episodes of My Boys starts March 31!

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