Saturday, March 14, 2009

2009 Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness

Recap: Games 5 - 8

Greater voter turn-out in the 2009 Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness produced one blow-out, one closer than expect vote, and two of our closest games ever in Round 1.

In the East Region:
Game 5 - No. 8 seed Withrow High School lost to the No. 9 seed ‘Oakwood’, 18 – 20.
Game 6 - No. 3 seed Spring Grove Cemetery to No. 14 seed Fire Company No. 20, 36 – 5.

In the West Region:
Game 7 - No. 8 seed Hughes High School lost to the No. 9 seed Old St. Mary’s Church, 19 – 21.
Game 8 - No. 3 seed Plum Street Temple beat the No. 14 seed The Germania Building, 25 – 13.

Both No. 3 seeds easily won. Spring Grove cruised to victory over Fire Company No. 20 but the Plum Street Temple match may have been a little closer than expected. The Germania Building got a third of the votes.

But not unexpectedly, the No. 8 vs. No. 9 matches were very close. Two votes separated the winners from the losers . . . which is how all 8 vs. 9 matches should be really right? Here the No. 9 seeds won in what technically could be considered slight upsets but it is really hard to say. I was minimally surprised both Cincinnati Public Schools went down though.

To view the entire 2009 Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness Tournament Bracket, click here.

Voting in Games 9 – 12 starts tomorrow, Sunday, March 15!

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