Sunday, March 1, 2009

Friday Fish Fry Report

This Week: St. Teresa of Avila

A multi-week series highlighting Fish Frys in the Cincinnati area

St. Teresa of Avila is at 1175 Overlook Avenue in West Price Hill. Their Fish Fry runs from 3:30 PM – 7:30 PM and will take place every Friday during Lent. Benefiting Boy Scout Troop 271, they serve sandwiches and dinners which include both fried and grilled fish (salmon) and various sides. Children’s meals are also available. Everything is available for dine-in or carry-out and even drive-thru.
I arrived a little 5:o0 PM. There was a good crowd but no line. I quickly ordered the Fish Platter which included a fish sandwich, fries, and cole slaw. I added a drink and an additional side of Mac-n-cheese. Total: $6.75
All were pretty good. Fries and fish were warm which can sometimes be a problem at these things. Fries too were fresh and while not homemade were still tasty. The cole slaw was a little “wet” for my taste. Flovor to me was just ok. After sitting down, some kids were walking around with a dessert tray. I splurged and got a piece of chocolate cake for an extra $1.00. All-in-all, well worth it for the price. By the time I left, there was definately a crowd forming.
Next Installment: March 20
(Next Friday is the “Art of Food” Opening at The Carnegie and March 13 is Friday Night Fights at the CAC so no installments of the Friday Fish Fry Report until March 20.)

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