Thursday, March 5, 2009

2009 Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness

Carnegie Library Branches

A nomination of Corryville Public Library by Anne prompted this quick post about various Carnegie branches of the Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County. Nine Carnegie branches were built. Eight remain. However one is in Norwood (1907 by Warner & Adkins) and not eligible for Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness.

The remaining seven are:

Avondale (1913)
Architect: Garber & Woodward
Corryville (1907)
Architect: Edward L. Tilton
East End (1906)
Architect: Samuel Hannaford & Sons
No longer a library branch, it is now the Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum
Hyde Park (1912)
Architect: Edward L. Tilton
The exterior has been remodeled and it isn't all that attractive anymore.

Northside (1908)
Architect: Tietig & Lee

Price Hill (1909)
Architect: Garber & Woodward
Walnut Hills (1906)
Architect: James McLaughlin & James Gilmore
Two additional library branches are fairly nice but were not funded by Carnegie: Madisonville (1925) and Westwood (1931). I’m looking for the architects on those. Westwood is below.

Feel free to nominate your favorite but I'm telling you Corryville has momentum. Nominations close at 9:00 PM tomorrow. Winners announced on Saturday and they join the field of 32 on Sunday!

Historic images from Library's Cincinnati Memory Project. Click here for links to all Library locations, including a nice history of each.

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