Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blog Alert: Victorian Antiquities and Design

I have been a reader of Victorian Antiquities and Design for a while now but am finally just getting around to putting a link to it on my blog roll. Written by Paul Wilham, he recently purchased a home in North Fairmount and will soon move his family and business to Cincinnati. He writes, "I have been actively involved in Historic Preservation and Restoration for the last 20 years. I own a restoration consulting company and have several ecommerce sites that deal with antiques and art. I have lived in historic neighborhoods across this country. I actually enjoy what I do for a living, having left the corporate world a few years ago. I am proud to be a part of restoring the architectural history of our country."

I am especially liking his entries on cheap, yet interesting property for sale that needs a little (or a lot) of fix-up.

So check out the blog if you are not already! Link in side bar.

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steve-o said...

This looks to be a great blog. Thanks for letting us in on it.