Friday, December 26, 2008

Raise the Rutherford!

The Seven Days of Hayes
December 24 – December 30

A week-long celebration commemorating Rutherford B. Hayes’ arrival in Cincinnati on December 24, 1849 and ending with his wedding to Lucy Webb on December 30, 1852.

On the Third Day of Hayes . . .
Hayes and the Presidential Grove in Eden Park

Some time ago I ventured to the Presidential Grove in Eden Park to try and find the Rutherford B. Hayes tree. The first tree in the memorial grove was planted on April 27, 1882, in honor of George Washington and came from Mt. Vernon. I saw a number of trees with markers and some markers with no trees. The “Nixon” was particularly humorous. However, I could not find a Hayes tree and marker at all! If anyone knows where it is or which one it might be, please email me.
If there is no Rutherford B. Hayes tree, Queen City Survey will donate a tree (up to $250) for planting in the Presidential Grove. I would like to reserve the right to pick the type of tree. I wonder what type of tree Hayes would have picked? His home of Spiegel Grove has a large collection of trees. (It is called a “Grove” for a reason.) And there are different species of trees including Oak, Maple, Buckeye, Beech and various evergreen varieties too, some of which Hayes is said to have had planted. So I wonder if he would have preferred an Ohio Buckeye tree? Or maybe a Maple tree given his family ties to Vermont? Maybe a representative from the Hayes Presidential Center could offer suggestions?

As an aside, there is considerable cost to maintain the trees at Spiegel Grove and you can make a donation toward those efforts on their website.

“Raise the Rutherford!” is a continuing, slightly humorous series to raise awareness of Rutherford B. Hayes and erect a statue of him in Cincinnati.

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