Saturday, November 1, 2008

QCS Quips

Random thoughts . . . Cincinnati related and otherwise.
  • With news that the Terrace Plaza has closed, check out my post on the place earlier in the year and the building and its architect.
  • I love Javier’s for lunch but I went there for dinner over the weekend and while the food was good, service was not. Friends that went there too said the same thing. They better fix that and soon.
  • While giving a tour and standing out in front of Music Hall recently, some guy walked by and mumbled under his breath but loud enough to hear something like "F***ing people moving in then taking up the sidewalk".
  • Ran across a good national blog, City Parks Blog. Newest article on transit and the most used parks.
  • Looking forward to seeing Australia and Daniel Craig in the new Bond film and in Defiance.

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