Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness 2009!

Part I – Announcement!

Last weekend kicked off of the local 2008-2009 college basketball season. Xavier began play on Friday and UC began play on Sunday, November 16. To celebrate, Queen City Survey is announcing that March(itecture) Madness will be back in 2009.

The Road to Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness 2009 begins today.

A few announcements though about the coming season . . .

First, the field of 32 buildings will be selected in a slightly different manner than last year. Gone are the automatic berths for all Cincinnati National Historic Landmarks. This will mean a tough road for structures like the Baum-Taft House, the Alphonso Taft House, the George Hunt Pendleton House, and the Showboat Majestic to make it in. But the change will hopefully add some new buildings and create enough interested to keep people coming back to vote. The Championship Match between Music Hall and Union Terminal went to Overtime last year with a tie vote. So I am actually curious to see if there might be a re-match and would Music Hall win again? If you have a favorite building or structure that you would like to see in the field of 32, let me know.

Second, I think I’m going to pay extra to be able to imbed the actual bracket in the post as opposed to just a link. Not sure how many people actually looked at the bracket last year. Click here to see how the bracket shaped up from last year.

Third, I am going to try and condense the voting a little. Up until the semi-finals, four matches will be voted on each time. However, I am also going to eliminate voting continuing over a weekend. I may end on a Saturday or begin on a Sunday but I thought when voting spanned a weekend, we got lower participation.

And finally, I want a logo for Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness. In Part II I will announce details for a contest to help me design one.

Next: Part II – Logo Contest!

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