Wednesday, October 22, 2008

YouTube Tuesday

A Look at Cincinnati in Video

Continuing on the humorous streak from last week I thought I would include a cute video from Beit Carr. It was in honor of Mother's Day and you get a fun way of seeing the city. And while it is not Mother's Day today, shouldn't every day be Mother's Day?

Video from steveecarr


CityKin said...

Man that kid can run!

5chw4r7z said...

Kids are so literal, when her dad said "run" to the store, he probably didn't actually mean run.
Every day should be mothers day,at least for us, I saw a story that a having son takes four months off a womans life.

Anne said...

Yes every day should be Mother's Day!

Oh no, I have of them is taking at least that much time off my life, plus adding gray hairs by the clump. Do daughters help ameliorate the effects, or are they even worse? (Have one of those, too!)

Dan said...

^ As a guy, I'm thinking daughters are worse. :)

steve-o said...

One Father's Day she runs to the Blind Lemon to get me a beer.