Saturday, September 6, 2008

What do Kenny Chesney . . .

. . . and 3 Doors Down have in common?

The Queen City is a buzz with all this talk about VHI coming to town this weekend. They are coming to do a taping of "The Top 20 Countdown" from Fountain Square, associated with the 3 Doors Down now postponed concert and their video "It's Not My Time" that was taped here.

Well, I would just like to remind everyone that Kenny Chesney also taped a video here for his song "Who You'd Be Today". The Chesney and 3 Doors Down videos were both directed by Shaun Silva and production took place at Over the Rhine's Lighborne Studios.

Click here to see Mr. Chesney's video. (He doesn't allow imbedding.)

So Kenny's video isn't quite the showcase that 3 Doors Down's is but you can still make out a couple places like Clifton and Queensgate. Not sure where that basketball scene was filmed . . .

Click here for 3 Doors Down's tour de force of Cincinnati, the "It's Not My Time" video.

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Steven said...

The basketball scene was filmed in Rothenberg School's playground, looking toward Hust Alley.

They spray painted the wall to look "more urban".