Sunday, September 21, 2008

Six More Shows About Cincy

With tonight's 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, I thought I’d throw out some more ideas for some new TV shows set in the Queen City. (See previous post here.) We had a lot of buzz with Clash of the Choirs and then the 3 Doors Down video and subsequent VH1 Top Twenty Video Countdown taping so we need to continue to capitalize on it. And there is nothing like a TV show to put the spotlight on your city week after week. Think about what Cheers did for Boston. (And to a lesser degree what WKRP did for Cincinnati.) This time some of the shows might explore a darker side but still no CSI: Cincinnati or Homicide – Life in OTR. Oh and yes, this post is again pure fluff.

Behind the Times
There is a famous quote attributed to Mark Twain that when the end of the world comes, he wanted to be in Cincinnati because it's always twenty years behind the times. It is not the end of the world, but this Mark’s world is altered when he keeps finding himself between his present life in Cincinnati and his high school past.

This Side
The youngest son of a large German Catholic family and young husband and father living in Northside, John continues to get advice from his parents . . . both of whom have passed away.

An offbeat comedy set at Cincinnati’s weekly alternative paper, "QueenCityBeat".

One hour drama focusing four individuals in 1920’s Cincinnati: An idealistic politician fighting corruption and advocating reform, a former bar owner with a new secret, the now out-of-work brewery working doing what he has to to get by, and wealthy matriach who oversees and empire. I see it on HBO . . . or AMC.

Holy Family
Father Robert and Father Nagy minister to the families of the Church of the Atonement, dealing with the problems of their Over the Rhine parish and their own personal struggles and demons. A provocative drama this will not be Amen! or Sister Kate, although Jason Priestly could play one of the leads . . . (Yep, he was in Sister Kate before 90210.)

High Schooled
Former pro athlete, Thomas High, returns to his hometown of Cincinnati to teach and learn lessons in life from his student, friends, and family. Again, I think this is a vehicle for Vin Diesel.

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